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Professional reviews

  • I worked with Temps Clair when I was in charge of the communication of La Maaf, and La Redoute later.
    For us, Temps Clair means a qualitative way of looking at production :
    - investing in what can be seen on film
    - listening carefully to the Brand’s objectives and those of the Agency before thinking about rationalization
    - a dialogue which safeguards the quality of our relations
    - creativity in the search for solutions.
    Temps Clair : an indispensable and very close partner from almost 15 years.

    Christine Penel - Former Communication Director - La Redoute
  • The Canal+ Group have been working with Temps Clair for more than 5 years. What attracted us to them was the team’s professionalism, its excellent understanding of communication strategies, its respect for advertising ideas… and the budgets ! With Temps Clair, it’s not about cost-killing but more about an exchange of ideas which makes it possible to produce great commercials within the imposed budgets. The financial results are there to be seen.

    Béatrice Roux - Former Communication Director - Canal+, CanalSat, CanalPlay
  • With Temps Clair, we have a partner who is reactive, reliable and objective and who knows how to advise us for the benefit of our brand while at the same time keeping costs under control – something exceptional and invaluable!

    Anne-Laure Meynial Coumaros - Head of Corporate Image - EDF Communication Department
  • Laurence and her team are the best possible illustration of the meaning of the word “partner”. Year after year and with each successive support assignment they’ve handled on copy development, I’ve been able to appreciate the sound advice they’ve given us on both TV commercials and print campaigns – going well beyond the job of simply controlling costs. Temps Clair gives you an objective professional way of looking at things – always accompanied by the right comments at the right moment – which allows you to find the right words and justify any intuition you had. They are also an invaluable partner, providing our teams with support in their day-to-day work. With them, you know that everything is under control and will be done perfectly and properly… not to mention on time !

    Martine Loyer - Marketing Director - Häagen-Dazs
  • Temps Clair has been our partner for a period of several years for our TV and print production, and on every occasion the added-value of the teams working with us has been extremely significant. Whether it’s a question of budget optimization, overall organization of our productions or choice of film directors and photographers, the Temps Clair teams do their job with passion, generosity, integrity and openness with regard to both the advertiser and the agencies – and with one single aim in mind: delivering the best. A big thank-you…

    Ludovic Hilaire - Brand & Communications Manager - ING Direct, France
  • I worked with Temps Clair when I was in charge of Marketing Buying for Danone Eaux France, and then called on their expertise again as Manager of Marketing Buying & Communication for the Société Générale Group. My loyalty to Temps Clair was motivated by the outstanding professionalism of their teams and their specialized technical knowledge, as well as their appreciation of the stakes involved and the relevance of the advice they gave us with regard to how to go about optimizing our advertising productions.

    Temps Clair knows the world of advertisers, agencies and production companies extremely well, and is therefore in a position to give intelligent and objective advice – without any bias whatsoever – while at the same time defending the interests of their clients. Temps Clair’s immediate upstream involvement in projects for TV commercials is a real plus which enables us to save both time and money without any consequent loss in quality.

    Stéphane Champrigaud - Deputy Services Buying Director - Groupe Société Générale
  • We bring out between 5 and 8 TV campaigns per year and so working with a cost-controller is a necessity for us for 3 main reasons :

    1)      to buy our service provisions at the best possible price (depending on the type of production) by profiting from extremely specific skills which require permanent updating

    2)      to offload certain rather technical aspects of the work, and to ensure that our interests and objectives are always safeguarded and respected

    3)      to work on good terms with our agency and find technical and financial solutions so as to put to the best possible use its creative proposals – in other words, to ensure the best quality-price ratio for our commercials.

    To meet these objectives, we chose to work with Temps Clair – and have been doing so for 7 years.

    Nicole Derrien - Communication Director - Crédit Agricole
  • Temps Clair’s expertise and open-mindedness make it possible to resolve production issues and above all find original solutions which serve both creation and budgets in an intelligent manner. In this way, the demands of all the parties involved – production, creation and advertiser – are satisfied.

    Nelly Floriach - Communication & Brand Manager - Virgin Mobile
  • It’s 7 years now since Temps Clair started working with Carrefour on the production of its TV campaigns. Its expertise, its “client” way of reasoning and its untiring defence of the final result have, with each successive production, created a privileged relationship between us, enabling us to work together with complete confidence.

    Maryline Castel - Head of Audiovisual Advertising - Carrefour
  • It’s more than 10 years now since we started working with Temps Clair. I have great memories of the very first time we worked together as it was a complicated production and the Temps Clair team’s contribution and support were decisive – qualities which they have shown consistently ever since. I think that over and above the excellent advice proposed by the agency, I would point up the unfailing availability of the team, its ability to adapt to each different situation and its combined intelligence and frankness.

    Olivier Reinsbach - Communication Director - SNCF Voyages
  • It’s always a pleasure to work with Laurence Le Hire and her team. She knows how to be extremely demanding vis-à-vis our suppliers throughout the whole duration of the assignment (and even beyond). She has a sound understanding of our needs and constraints, and really knows how to adapt to our marketing teams, whatever their level of maturity. She’s very good at explaining and is remarkably patient.

    Véronique Potier-Fontès - Henkel France
  • We work quite regularly with Temps Clair. For the creation, it’s a real plus. Temps Clair has the ability to understand what needs to be done to ensure that the best possible quality is obtained for a commercial. Temps Clair’s advice is both exceptional and invaluable. If the “Baby Swimmers” and “Baby Roller-Bladers” spots have been seen all over the world, Laurence has most certainly got something to do with it.

    Mercedes Erra - Executive President, Euro RSCG - Managing Director, Havas
  • I had on several occasions the opportunity to work with – I should say, collaborate with – Laurence Le Hire on various Lotus and Vania TV spots, and what I observed and in particular appreciated about her was that she was not just a cost controller but also – and this is exceptional enough to warrant pointing up the fact – someone who has a genuine interest in production and who always both supported me and put up with me when it came to choosing and recommending a director who was more original or more innovative than another.

    We didn’t always succeed, but nonetheless managed to do so quite often, and the feeling I had of being in the same boat as her was very pleasant. Consequently, and in a word – clear weather (= Temps Clair), calm sea.

    Serge Fichard - Creative Director - Les Ouvriers du Paradis
  • It’s not easy to sum up in just a few lines the concentration of skills which exists at Temps Clair. In short, a consistently sound analysis of our projects accompanied by one overriding objective: producing the best possible film while taking into account the agency’s creative and artistic ambitions. Second, looking for the best means of achieving that goal with the TV producer. And third, Laurence Le Hire’s considerable experience of working on both the agency and client side which, added to her background and a recognised taste for Art, make her and Temps Clair interlocutors of the highest quality in the audiovisual and advertising worlds.

    Patrick Pauwels - Production Director - Prodigious
  • It’s such a pleasure and so easy working with people who understand what an advertising idea is – people who are willing to put all their know-how and expertise behind that idea. At each stage of a production, we have to safeguard this precious uncut gem. Their supportive input is both delicate and subtle. I would, without the slightest hesitation, put all my ideas into Laurence’s hands – even the most sensitive.

    Gilles Fichteberg - Co-Founder, Creative Director - Rosapark
  • Temps Clair is a consultancy which is always a pleasure to work with for their professionalism, rigour, constructive thinking, respect of the creation and ability to listen – all with a view to defending the interests of the advertiser and in a good-humoured way !

    Sophie Simonin - TV Producer - Freelance
  • What seems to me very important to say about Temps Clair’s way of working is that it’s always sound, intelligent and sensible! To start with, Temps Clair has real experience and knowledge of the job and manages to come up with real solutions while still respecting the quality of the film. This isn’t always the case! For Temps Clair, it’s not just about bringing down the cost estimate with no regard for common sense. They really know how much a film costs, but they also have an artistic viewpoint and bring their advice and follow-up to bear throughout the production of the commercial, from shooting to post-production.

    Again, this isn’t always the case!

    Temps Clair possesses both professional and human common sense which is of the utmost importance – that’s how to go about making a successful film!

    Isabelle Escat - Freelance TV Producer
  • For a TV producer, Temps Clair represents a source of support vis-à-vis the client throughout the film-making process (finding a director, negotiating the estimate, undertaking the preparation work, shooting the film and handling the post-production), but they also provide objective and sensible external advice for the advertiser as regards both financial and creative issues.

    Virginie Meldener - TV Producer - Euro RSCG
  • Any advertiser who asks Temps Clair to work with them on a project can be sure that the means used for their campaign will be optimized. Consequently, the agency feels confident as there aren’t any misunderstandings, and the production team has an interlocutor who is both competent and honest. Being in a pitch and knowing that Temps Clair is working on the project is always good news !

    Catherine Barra - Founder & Producer - Donna Productions
  • Working with Temps Clair is a guarantee you will benefit from a most pertinent artistic and budgetary diagnosis at each invitation to tender. From drawing up the cost estimate through choosing the director to finalizing the film, Temps Clair is a special and totally involved partner who enables a production to get the best out of the means which have been allocated to it in order to produce the most successful film possible. Working hand-in-hand with Temps Clair allows us to anticipate the issues involved in making and producing the film and to quickly choose the best solutions. Producing a film under the supervision of Temps Clair means knowing where and how to invest the budget allocated to us in the best possible way. It also means knowing how to invest our time, energy and creativity thanks to an open and constructive way of communicating.

    Alain Dib - Founder & Producer - Satellite My Love
  • Our productions are often quite unique in that we combine a large number of animation techniques and live shootings.

    Each time, therefore, this means a new way of imagining and producing a “tailor-made” project.

    Thanks to their interest, experience and curiosity, Temps Clair is familiar with a large number of these techniques, and it’s always by combining our respective areas of expertise that we find the necessary financial solutions while at the same time respecting each other’s artistic aims.

    François Brun - Producer - Quad
  • As post-production comes right at the end of the film-making process, it’s the final stage during which all previous problems, as well as those likely to happen, need to be resolved.

    In this situation, the pleasure one gets from the work comes essentially from constructive exchanges and the feeling of having found the right solution together - the feeling of having moved forward in the right direction without losing sight of the real objective. That’s Temps Clair’s commitment, the Temps Clair we really appreciate!

    Agnieszka Kozbial - General Manager - Medialab
  • I’ve been working with Laurence Le Hire and her Temps Clair team for very many years. Our collaboration has always been based on mutual respect and trust, and our very similar vision of what our job should be has led us to working together with a maximum of transparency. Temps Clair’s philosophy is to make it possible to produce films at the right price without necessarily bringing down the cost no matter what with the consequent risk of jeopardizing the quality of the film. Our negotiations consist in finding the right balance so that the film can be made within a reasonable budget, both for the production company and the client.

    With the passing years and new technical developments, the Temps Clair team has always known how to be attentive to the needs of the market’s different players, never hesitating to ask them for explanations about this or that new technology or way of working in order to be able to adapt to market changes. Temps Clair’s great quality is to be willing to listen to others and maintain a collaborative approach to work. Its team has always known how to remain open to discussion in order to find solutions which act in the best interest of the film.

    Alain Leborgne - Post-Production Department Director - Prodigious
  • It’s always a great pleasure for me to undertake a project with Laurence Le Hire and her team, whatever the subject or film – from animated films/3D animation to live shootings. She has a profound liking for her profession – advertising – and succeeds in combining genuine pragmatism with a real aesthetic sense. Her demanding nature and rigour make her someone you can trust. She knows extremely well which technical means to use, and has always proved to be an efficient interlocutor at each stage of the production process.

    Sylvaine Mella - Executive Producer - Stink Paris
  • Our relations with Laurence Le Hire and after, with Temps Clair, date back to the end of the 1980s. All the films we’ve made together were produced with the overriding concern of creation and excellence in mind. I emphasize ALL the films. From Danone to the INPES, from Badoit to ING, from Belier to Marcassin – my own production company – and from Y&R to DDB and even Publicis. If I sometimes feel envious of Temps Clair’s clients, I say to myself that I could perhaps benefit from seeking their warm, sensible and honest advice for my own business.

    Jérémie Morichon - Founder & Producer - Marcassin