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17, avenue Niel, 75017 Paris
Private company with assets of €64,000

Ensuring Financial, Artistic & Human Results

Temps Clair constantly seeks the right balance between the major levers of a production : cost, quality and efficiency.

It uses four forceful ideas to carry out its mission  :
♦ having a clear view of the advertiser’s objectives and concerns
♦ establishing a relationship of mutual trust among the different players involved in the project
♦ drawing on expertise acquired in the field
♦ exercising its profession openly and independently.

The advertiser's point of view

« The financial results are there to be seen »

Béatrice Roux - Former Communication Director - Canal+, CanalSat, CanalPlay

The agency's point of view

« They (…) provide objective and sensible external advice for the advertiser, as regards both financial and creative issues »

Virginie Meldener - TV Producer - Euro RSCG

The producer's point of view

« A most pertinent artistic and budgetary diagnosis »

Alain Dib - Founder & Producer - Satellite My Love