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Private company with assets of €64,000

Bringing Out The Best.

Temps Clair endeavours to ensure that the word “quality” takes on a meaning which is real, concrete and day-to-day – as far upstream and downstream of the project as possible. It seeks to bring out and get the best from everyone involved, throughout the whole of the production process. With this in mind, Temps Clair analyzes, assesses and proposes added-value solutions, pursues its mission and, if need be, trains the advertiser’s Purchasing and Marketing teams.

The advertiser's point of view

« Everything is under control and will be done perfectly well and properly »

Martine Loyer - Marketing Director - Häagen-Dazs

The agency's point of view

« For creation, it’s a real plus »

Mercedes Erra - Executive President, Euro RSCG - Managing Director, Havas

The producer's point of view

« Being in a pitch and knowing that Temps Clair is working on the project is always good news ! »

Catherine Barra - Founder & Producer - Donna Productions