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17, avenue Niel, 75017 Paris
Private company with assets of €64,000

Ensuring harmony.

Cost-controller, Cost-killer ? Temps Clair has a much broader vision of its profession. It seeks to provide help and make everything easier for the advertiser, advertising agency and production company in the task of making an audiovisual or photographic production, as well as providing the necessary guidance and support. Ensuring both quality and harmony in the work between the various parties involved is one of Temps Clair’s commitments, but always with a view to negotiating the fairest possible deal for the advertiser.

Temps Clair, Cost & Production Manager

Field of expertise

  • Advertising and Corporate Films

  • Billboards

  • Short Programmes

  • Sponsorship

  • Print Advertising

  • Outdoor Advertising

  • Radio Campaigns

  • Web Communication

Recent productions